We identify your needs and objectives and formulate a suitable wealth management strategy

Asset allocation & investment advisory

Diversification is the key to wealth preservation.

IMM Wealth Management will use its vast experience and in-house analytical tools, developed over the years, to analyze your risk profile.

Accordingly, we will assist you in determining and implementing the optimal mix of capital market and non-capital market investments, liquid and illiquid investments. We are also able to assist you in diversifying your investments over several jurisdictions.

Offshore companies, trusts & foundations

We help you find the structure best suitable for your needs.

Deciding on the right legal structure is a key element in managing wealth.

Offshore companies, trusts and foundations are regularly used for succession planning and tax optimization.

IMM Wealth Management can assist you in deciding between the different options and forming such structures in various jurisdictions.

Tax & Legal Assistance

Obtain the guidance you deserve.

IMM Wealth Management can assist you with legal and tax matters. You can benefit from our international network of legal and tax specialists.

Estate Planning

Plan for the future.

The ultimate goal is transferring your wealth to the next generation as tax-efficiently as possible. IMM Wealth Management can assist you with your estate planning through our network of legal and tax specialists.


Secure your legacy by contributing to others.

IMM Wealth Management will gladly support you in making a difference. We are able assist you in exploring the different ways to make a lasting change.

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Our first priorities are capital preservation and sustainable growth

Portfolio management

Choosing the most suitable managers according to the defined strategy.

IMM Wealth Management can provide you portfolio management services to all or part of your accounts.

We will also assist you in choosing the most appropriate financial jurisdictions and institutions.

Private equity & real estate investments

Explore alternative investments.

Private Equity and real estate investments are long-term investments. Investing in these types of investments require profound knowledge and experience.

IMM Wealth Management can assist you in making and monitoring private equity investments with leading private equity firms around the world. We are also able to assist you in directly acquiring residential or commercial real estate, joining a large real estate venture or investing in real estate funds.

Tailor-made structured products

Boost your performance through innovation.

Whether you are looking for capital protection or income above current interest rates, IMM Wealth Management is able to structure tailor-made structured products with a wide range of top rated issuers around the globe.

These products are available in many different currencies and their underlyings may vary from stocks and indices to commodities, currencies, precious metals and more.

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We monitor all investments on an ongoing basis and the activities of your service providers

Account consolidation & tailor-made reporting

Do not lose track of your investments.

We prepare for you a tailor-made consolidated report of all your investments. This can provide you an aggregated and complete overview of your assets, enabling you to optimize overall asset allocation and compare the performance of the different investments.

Using propriety software, we are able to design a report especially for you with focus on the information you consider most important.

Fee negotiation & cost control

Leave it to the professionals to represent you.

As part of our comprehensive service, we will negotiate the terms and conditions with all banking partners and other service providers and in addition, we will monitor their activities on an ongoing basis.

We will bring our entire knowledge, experience and influence to make sure you get the best conditions and service.


Going the extra mile.

IMM Wealth Management can provide you with administrative and office services.

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