An experienced team with many advantages


IMM offers an exceptionally experienced team who excel in discreet and personalized service. Our team has been advising clients for many years and possesses extensive experience in portfolio management along with a unique perspective and understanding of the financial markets.


We understand and appreciate the responsibility embedded in managing clients’ financial affairs and therefore we strongly believe in creating a relationship with our clients built on trust.


We perform extensive research into the global financial markets, political and geopolitical arena thus enabling us to provide clients with the comfort of sound and up-to-date management of wealth.


When investing our clients’ wealth we pay close attention to the diversification of the portfolio. Our investment approach has been tried and tested over a period of more than 40 years.


Here at IMM we believe that a client should be constantly involved and we encourage our clients to take an interest in the management of their assets.


We understand that the availability of funds is important to our clients and therefore we structure our clients’ portfolios accordingly.